On October 1, 2015, Spain’s Ministry of Justice passed a law that rendered the acquisition of Spanish citizenship possible for Sephardic Jews who were persecuted and later expelled from the country during the late 15th century. More than 500 years after this historic event, the descendants of Spanish Jews continue to self-identify as Sephardic (meaning, “from Spain” in Hebrew). 


Dislocation investigates Sephardic identity by way of exploring Spain’s medieval Jewish quarters through movement. The site-specific performances speak of displacement and reclamation. Using a movement technique called “site-reading”, the body interprets the architecture and urban morphology of previously Jewish quarters, and the memories and mythologies that continue to linger within these spaces and within ourselves.


Dislocation, created in collaboration with dancer, Darren Rabinowitz, evolved from a funded research project into a video art installation. The piece was displayed at the Museum of Jewish Montreal and was accompanied by a live performance on the evening of the Vernissage on October 9, 2018.

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Event Photography by Gabi Opas