Fiber in the Fourth

Built and installed in the Stoner Courtyard of the Penn Museum at the University of Pennsylvania, this project contributed to a body of research that investigates the potential use of carbon fiber in architectural design. In addition to material research, the studio was interested in projective geometry as a generative design tool.

The tesseract, which exists in the fourth dimension, is represented in the third dimension as a projection of a cube moving within a cube. Fiber in the Fourth takes the logic and transitional properties of space created by the tesseract to derive form with inherent structural strength, viewing potentials, and 2-dimensional shadow projections. The body in motion completes the view of the cabinet, linking the two in space and time. 

University of Pennsylvania
Critic: Danielle Willems
Team: Kevin Cheung, Jordanna Ibghy, John Nedeau, Siyu Zheng
Fall 2019 (5 weeks)