Market Play

The subjectivity of value establishes the problematic for the market project in Callowhill, a gentrifying neighborhood in Philadelphia. As market value increases on site, other types of value do not necessarily follow at the same rate. The project investigates the notion of leisure and labor; the space between “otium and negotium,” and argues for a market that operates outside of a purely capitalist structure. The market is a landscape that mediates the opposites of leisure and labor across the site. The lower platforms contain a market/public space, introducing the visitor to various types of interaction; produce, craft, food and drink, and performance. The network of floating platforms involve the visitor in a multiplicity of exchange, where the juxtaposition of rhythms, programs, speed of movement, and duration of stay offer richly diverse environments of leisure and labor practices. As the sequence moves up toward the rail park, the intensity of spatial experience gradually draws the visitor out of a capitalist labor imagination into a space of continuous leisure.

University of Pennsylvania
Critic: Annette Fierro
Spring 2020