Museum for the Tesseracts of Time

The tesseract exists as a projection of a 4-dimensional object passing through a 3-dimensional plane, which we perceive as an object whose form changes as it passes through space and time. The movement of the tesseract appears as a shape folding and unfolding in and out of itself, deforming and reestablishing its boundaries through time and space.

The archived artifact, orphaned from its context, is presently destinated to a life without purpose, trapped in the bowels of the museum. The notion of the “archive” stills the artifact in time and isolates it from the public experience. The aim of this project is to present a critique on how the archive is treated and perceived in museum culture. It seeks to take a stance in favor of public access to the remnants of the human experience through time. 

Free and open to the public, this archive aims to return the artifact to the public domain by emphasizing views and accessibility. In this way, the project seeks to revive a sense of time, place, and dimensionality to the artifact by animating the viewer’s experience and returning the archive to the “public record”.

University of Pennsylvania
Critic: Danielle Willems
Fall 2019