Urban Fermentation

The city is a palimpsest of growth and decay, in a constant state of flux, blossoming and souring throughout the cycles of its life. 

For attracting a diverse range of people, Callowhill, Philadelphia has a history of shady taverns deemed distasteful to the Philadelphia Quakers. In this vein and playfully inspiring our installation proposal, the neighborhood’s identity is linked to its alcoholic history and the process of fermentation.

The title, “Urban Fermentation”, refers to the nature of the city and the site as grounds for fermentation, transformation, and organic growth. Our position recognizes the irony of organic processes in relation to the delivery of urban renewal. 

The installation exhibits organic growth over time and invites the public to engage in the experience of nature and in the conversation of planned vs. organic growth, the environment, and the politics of urban renewal in the city. 

University of Pennsylvania
Schenk Woodman Competition
Team: Elizabeth Anderson, Yiyi Luo, Jordanna Ibghy
January 2020 (1 week)